We offer end-to-end secure data solutions that allow individual persons or companies to control their own data.

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The ability to make data-driven decisions is a necessity for any modern organization. To do that in a privacy-preserving way provides the competitive edge.

Secata offers end-to-end tailored secure data solutions for all platforms from private hosting and cloud computing to blockchain infrastructure. In either case, the goal is to secure data throughout its lifecycle - at rest, in transit and in process:

  • Security: A unique security model with no single point of trust based on Secure Multiparty Computation.
  • Data collaboration: Data is brought together virtually across local storages, but kept secret at all time.
  • Analytics: The statistical computations are done directly on secret data and only the result is revealed.
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The Secata solutions change the basic premises for collaborative data solutions that a coordinator - a trusted third party - shall be trusted to manage data. Secure Multiparty Computation paves the way for new types of privacy-preserving use of data. Data from individual citizens, competing firms or public registers can be used for approved computations, but never shared. Partisia (the founder of Secata) has initiated this work in a number of projects such as:

  • A sandbox project where the public registers Statistics Denmark and the Danish Healthcare Data are combined virtually for selected analytical purposes.
  • A Proof-of-Concept of collaborative credit rating among competing commercial banks and their customers.


The Secata team has developed the basic infrastructure behind the blockchain-based data broker: Insights.network. The combination of blockchain and Secure Multiparty Computation replaces the traditional data broker and brings data under control of the users.

The first complete version deployed in December 2018 released the solution described in the white paper behind the project. Secata continues the close collaboration with Insights.network - optimizing, improving and realizing the potential of a decentralized data broker.


The Partisia group - Partisia, Secata and Sepior - has combined its resources and launched an ambitious infrastructure project to address privacy with blockchains. The Partisia Blockchain platform provides zero-knowledge computation (most notably Secure Multiparty Computation) on blockchain. The platform ensures simple setup and transparent orchestration of provable secure, efficient and robust execution of zero-knowledge computations. The starting point is several high-profile projects that all combine blockchain and zero-knowledge computation and have been developed in close collaboration with the Partisia Blockchain team, e.g. Insights Network (Secata) and VCTRADE (Sepior).

Secata is the managing developer team on Partisia Blockchain.